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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Up the Middle

Ok, since this topic has been written about extensively by everyone known to the internet and most have more and better to say than I do, this is going to be brief. I don't think that Lopez is going to start. At least not in April. I think that there remains a possibility that we could see 2005 Guzman instead of 2007 Guzie and such an outcome would mean that even .245 out of Felipe is a serious improvement. Belliard is not my favorite person, but he is a more than serviceable second baseman who showed a sold bat and steady fielding last year. None of them, save maybe Lopez have any chance of being a long term solution. And I don't see Lopez as filling that gap without first changing not only his attitude, but the very way he plays the game. To check and see if I am just a ranting moron with internet access, check out these:


Those should at least give someone a pretty basic idea. Belliard is kinda old, kinda pudgy, but signed really cheap and good with a bat. Lopez could be a good baller if he would get over himself and actually meet his potential. We pay him way too much. Guzman can't hit, gets hurt, is awesome, gets hurt, makes $4 million, gets hurt. That pretty much covers it. Expect to see Ronnie and Christian as the double play combo, I don't think Lopez will impress enough at Spring Training to earn a starting spot.

Oh yeah, vote on your choice for the second baseman making the debut on Opening Day on ESPN.

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