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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Opening Day Tickets

I love that new ticket smell. All bright and shiny on my computer screen and asking me if I want to pay extra to get them next week or if I want them delivered to my cell phone, or if I just want Will Call. And all this for the opportunity for me to get my 2 tickets to the first game of the season at the shiny new Nationals Park.

I just can't help but be excited. The team is better, but not tons better, than last year. Plus if they overachive again, we could be looking at a mini-playoff run. I just can't wait to take my new seat for one day only on the first base line to watch the Nats take the field and somebody (please not Patterson, please not Patterson, pleeeeeeeaaaaaaase not Patterson) throw out the first pitch of Major League Baseball in North America for the 2008 season. For those of you that don't have tickets and for some stupid reason don't want them; enjoy John Miller and Joe Morgan. I get to actually watch the game without interuption.

Now that I have paid for those, I just need to wait for them, and more importantly, my actual tickets to arrive or at least get mailed. That might be something to work on Stan.


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