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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Home and Away

So, with the pain that is Atlanta now only a Delta flight of a memory, lets look back on what was an important home stand and will be an important trip to Miami. First, the 5-1 home stand was a showing of why the Nationals are not nearly the worst team in baseball this year, let alone history. Now, I was out of town, so that meant only limited internet review and no actual watching of the living bobble head series. But I did live the dream during the Marlins series. What we say is a team that was happy at home, wanted to stay out of last, and played well against mediocre opponents.

The Result: bad wins against bad teams. None of the Florida games were serious blow outs, and all of them seemed to show that the Nats were a better, though not by much, team than the Fish. Then go to Turner Field. Now our bad play turns into ugly and pathetic losses. The main reasons for this was not only the lack of offense, a chronic problem, but the defense that made average little league teams look good. Zimmerman needs to figure it out. I know games like that happen. But he made repeated errors in back to back games and looked worse than a September call up. Need to fix that. Now, FLop. He not only looked bad, but didn't look like he cared. He doesn't talk to the media, only reinforcing the lack of concern. Plus, I'm beginning to see Jimenez as a serious offensive and defensive replacement for SS. That is not a good sign. But what it shows is that FLop needs to show a little bit of pop (or contact) with the bat if we are to put up with the multiple errors every game. It like Wily Mo, I can almost stomach the 2,503 strikeouts per season when he hits a home run every other plate appearance. But with Lopez hitting weak numbers, playing poor defense even for him and not even seeming to care about the issue, it means that I have to see him as not being part of the long-term future. But that means that Belliard becomes an everyday player with Guzman for next season. I don't see that as a real solution. Ronnie has shown what he is this year: a solid player with decent defense and a .270-80 BA. Fine. Put that on the bench and make us a contender. But there is nobody in the farm system and no one on the roster that is likely to help us out in this middle infield. So look for a replacement for Lopez in the off season, or at least someone brought in to remind him to actually try in the Spring. Now onto Florida and a hopeful nail in the coffin for the last place Marlins.