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Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Nook Logan Experiment

OK, I know that I'm likely not the first to write about this, but with Fick due back from berevement any day now, the status of the various center field experiments need so be discussed.

Watson, as I discussed earlier, had to come up and show that he could hit in the bigs. He has, by and large in the last ocuple of days, shown that he can. As Barry discussed in his blog, Watson is also out of options and would have to clear waivers if he goes back down. That's not likely to happen. So, if Watson stays, and he should stay, then who goes down to make room for Fick? I see only two real candidates. Tony Batista and Nook Logan. Tony would be an option, but then you have a team that is really heavy on outfields and lacks any serious options in the infield.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Is Cleveland still owned by that lady from Major League?

Since we have now finished receiving our just deserts out behind the woodshed, lets just take a minute and consider what has happened recently.
1. We have been playing, as is so oft-reported, above .500 ball recently
2. We are better than not one, not two, but THREE other major (that's right I said major) league clubs.
3. We swept the O's in Camden and they fired their manager. hahahahahaha.
4. We then proceeded to get swept (and abused) by the reigning AL Champs and .300 BA Tigers.

So what does all this tell us? That we are a really bad team with no hope of competing in the 2007 or probably 2008 season. But it also shows us that we have the ability to string together wins and play at least as well as one team with a payroll that is $60 million dollars more.

But looking ahead to the Indians series this weekend, when I get to go and sit in my real seats as opposed to the impostor ones that I had for the Tigers series, which, even though a way better view than I normally get disoriented me without the need for Miller Lite for at least the first 3 innings, oh yeah the Indians. We need to see what we have to learn. First, we get to see if this team can bounce back from a hard set of losses after a fairly lengthy decent streak. I'm going to be an optimist. I think that they can. I was there for the 9-8 loss and it was good to see that even though they put themselves in that whole, they tried to dig out of it. It shows character. So we have limited talent, but plenty of moxie. I also think that it will give Bowie and Basik what could be the last shot they have at showing why they belong here and not with the Clippers. Which leads me to my next point. It is very nearly July. Trader Jim has been hording his roll-over minutes from the New AT&T for months and is ready to spend them. So who is going to be gone by this time next month? Here's my Top 5.

1. Dimitri Young-Traded to Minnesota
2. Nook Logan-AAA Columbus
3. Micah Bowie-traded, don't have any idea where, but somebody will want a lefty.
4. Mike Basik-AAA
5. Ronnie Belliard- St. Louis (yes, that's right)

Starting with Young. He's gotta go. I think he has played great, I think he is hitting the cover off the ball, but he will ultimately get shipped off.

Nook. What can you do with Nook? Well, for starters, nobody is going to want him. He will get sent down at some point because he is taking up space. If Watson shows any ability at all with the bat, I think that you could see Fick returning from bereavement as the end of the Nook Logan Experience.

B&B-I just have a feeling that they will go either as part of a deal, or to make space in the big club. I don't really have any reason for this one, just a gut feeling.

Belliard. Now, everyone knows that he is another catch and release veteran for Bowden. But I only put him on this list because I don't think that anyone will bite at that 500 lbs. tuna that Trader Jim has named Cristian Guzman. If someone would take him, and most, or at least part, of his salary then Guuuuuz would be out of here. We would play Belliard up the middle and have ended the Guzman era in DC and be waiting for the next thing up the middle.

So, that's it for now. comments, as always, are welcome.