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Friday, May 25, 2007

OK, a new post finally

Alright, I'm finally done with law school, have a week before the bar review classes begin, and the family has left town after graduation. As a result, I can finally post again. And while I have been lax on the posts, I certainly haven't missed the last couple of weeks of baseball. I mean, hom cooking is supposed to be good, but 1-8 followed by 7-3 from a club that is supposed to lose 130 games?!? I think that this just goes to show that the national prognosticators don't really know anything about baseball if it doesn't have Sox in the name or wear pinstripes. But that is a story for another time. Since the big Nats aren't playing on Memorial Day, I have taken the advice of the pamphlet that came with some season ticket junk in the mail and decided to go watch the baby P-Nats play some real baseball real close. And as I type we have a 5-2 lead over the Cards and Power Austin just made a spectacular catch in right field. More amazing than the diving catch on the warning track was the fact that he turned it into a double play at first base with an outfield assist! I love this game. (Man, I'm just a walking slogan right now). Ok, there really isn't anything serious in this post, just a check in and prove that I'm alive (not that anyone really reads this). But since I'm going to watch Class A this weekend, I figured that I would do a comparison and a note on my impressions from the kids that are the real future of this club, with no disrespect to the guys at Columbus or Harrisburg. So more after the weekend, but enjoy the games against your World Series champs for this weekend and hope for another good couple of wins.